Saturday, February 4, 2017

Date Night

Yay!!!!  Tonight is date night.  We don't do it very often.  Lots of time, I would rather stay in and cook and just be together.  Tonight however, is date night.  I am relaxing today (yes, there are lots of other things to be doing) so that I won't be tired.  I will dress up, taking time with what I wear, my make up and hair.  We will go out to our favorite restaurant and enjoy one another's company.  It will be just grown up time.  I'm not allowed to talk about work.  

I am hoping, that we can maybe start to talk about how we want things to be.  I was thinking the other day.  It has been a very long time since we talked about us.  Where we are.  Where we want to be.  What things we want to accomplish.  What area of our relationship we want to work on.  

We spent time together cleaning our room and rearranging the furniture.  The Man is working on getting rid of the clutter in the house.  I don't know where we are headed with TTWD.  I think we are both going to have to give, alot....  There are things that make it very difficult for him to remain consistent.  I think we are going to have to pick just certain things.  

Anyway.... I digress.  I am just happy to be spending time with him alone tonight.