Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Can Someone please Stop the Merry go Round?

When I was a kid, we used to say..  HEY!!  Someone stop the merry-go-round, I wanna get off!!!  Yeah well...

I have not been here, and for that I am sorry.  I have missed you guys!!  Lots.  Let's see...  Let's do this in bullet form, and for your amusement!!

  • My mother got her medicine wrong and was only taking a 1/3 of her dosage...  Wanna guess how well that went with her bi-polar self? 
Image result for crazy cartoon
(And before anyone gets theirs panties in a twist. that is NOT her, it's ME)
  • I came home to find my sons girlfriend in his bedroom WITH him...  Ya'll can just guess how well that went.  Just suffice to say, it was not pretty.  The Man was right there to back me up!!
Image result for You thought that was a good idea why?
My father has determined that cardiac rehab isn't for him, and neither is eating to control his diabetes..  Gotta love him.
One the up side, I worked at home today and OMG!!!  I got three cases worked up and ready to turn in.  I am so happy.
The Man comes home tomorrow and he will be home for Valentines Day for the first time in years.  I got flowers and the promise of a rather exciting good girl spanking.
If you could have seen the faces of our 21, 18 and 16 year old when I told them to be cleared out of the house by 6 pm on Valentines and not to come back till 11.  OMG..  It was such sweet revenge.  They couldn't get out of my kitchen fast enough.  Okay.. It's petty...  but hey... gotta take the shots where you can.
I am doing dinner and then The Man is doing me..  so to speak... 
I have truly missed you guys!!!  I hope things are going well in your corner of the world!!!