Thursday, October 23, 2014

What the Eyes can Say....

It has been a rough time at our house.  My Hero, My Staunchest Supporter, My Tormentor, My Rock, the first lap I ever climbed into for a story..  My Daddy had emergency open heart surgery today.  It has been a very scary 4 days.  From the heart cath. to the doctors figuring how best to complete the surgery and giving him the best chance to survive.
Today has been a very long day.  I hugged my Daddy and told him that I loved him with my whole heart.  I kissed him and told him to be strong and come back to me.  He smiled and promised.  And then, we waited, and waited, and waited.  A two hour surgery took 3 and a half, and then, the waiting to see him.  the phone calls telling others who love him well, how he is doing.
My larger than life, burly Irishman of a Daddy, looked so, well, small and fragile.  The part of me that will always be his little girl, wanted to run and hide or curl up and cry.  The woman he raised me to be, told him how strong he was and brave, and how much I loved him, and.... He opened his eyes.
I am so thankful for all who are praying for him and us.  He is a miracle.  Even the doctors are amazed and confounded at his ability to bring himself out of sedation.  He is trying to breathe on his own, and he wrote some things for Mom and I tonight.  He held my hand and motioned that he loved me.  The next days and weeks are going to be hard on him and us.  He has a rare blood disease that has damaged his lungs, so they can not give him the regular dose of pain medication for fear it will stop his breathing.  Therefore, they can only take the severe edge off.  It is excruciating to see him in pain.  I know they are doing what is best for him, but it's still so very hard.
This song sums up My Daddy and I.  Truly.  And just so you know, The Man has been the most amazing man on the planet.  Quiet, thoughtful, ever there, and finally last night spanked me.  Not because I had been bad, but because I needed the relief.  I love that Man you Know?

Sunday, October 5, 2014

All About Dat Bass...

As a kid growing up, I was never skinny.  I had curves.  I was much smaller than I am now, but still.  I was and am well blessed up top and have a "spankable ass".  yeah, The Man loves that. 
Anywho...  a song has come out.  It's a catchy tune.. I love it, and I so wish that girls of all sizes listened to it... every single night.. like a mantra... Are you ready?  Get your groove on girls...
I selected the one that has the lyrics.. cause well I think they are SUPER important.. and cute..
Now, if you are thin, please don't take offense.  This is more about accepting yourself for who you are..