Sunday, August 17, 2014


Can you feel it?  Swirling, dancing, the flutters in your tummy?  The nervous energy?  No?  Hmmm.. Oh Wait...
As you may have guessed, The Man has gotten his tickets home and it is official!!  He will be home on Friday around 10:30pm.  God willing and the creek don't rise as we say in the South.  I am so excited.  I am so ready for him to be home and so is he.
So, I spent the day yesterday cleaning the house, cleaning the carpets, laundry, and the like.  I even had houseguests over.   I only have our room left and it's a doozy.  Things have been so busy that I have adopted the fire safety motto. 

Instead of a fire, it's stop, drop what's in my hands and roll on out the door.  Leaving something suspiciously like another natural disaster....
The Man says he doesn't care.  I somehow think he means it from over there...  However, up close and personal may be another matter.  Not to mention.  I simply can not entertain the thought of hot monkey sex in a messy room.  Sorry..  Just can't manage it.  I can just imagine it..  heat of the moment, head spinning, "Oh, that feels so ..... OMG...  look at the dust build up on the dresser!!!"  Yeah, no.  I was talking with my son yesterday and bless him...  he says, "Well mom, it's really not that bad, all the clothes are clean...  they just aren't, well you know.. they are everywhere."  So, that is my project for this evening and the rest of the week in the evenings.
Decisions.. Decisions.. What to wear, what to wear.  The Man loves skirts and I have a new one.  It's shorter than I normally wear, it's denim.. Yeah..  I just need to find the right shirt.. and there are the tough questions..  Panties or no panties?  Matching bra and panty set?  It's mind boggling.  Hair up or down? 
On the outside, I am poised, I am professional, I am busy, and I am waiting..  like the good wife/mother... yada.. yada.. but on the inside.. deep down.. where it counts...
Yep!!!!  That's me!!!
Did I mention we have a new toy?  It's called a hand buddy, and it looks really nifty.  It's leather.. as wood is NO good.  Anybody ever had one?



  1. WOOHOO! Doin' my happy dance for you...*wiggle* *wiggle* Don't a bit each evening and your room will be fine by the time the Man gets home. Oh and as far as what to wear...doubt the Man really cares as long as it's easy to remove when he gets you alone. ;)

    Hand buddy? Hmmm...Matthew had something that slipped on his hand...leather on the palm and fingers with a strap across the back of the hand...could spank with his hand but the leather protected it. Is that what your new toy is like?

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Yup.. Yup.. that's it... I am soooo super excited..

  2. Yay Dana!! I am so happy for you!! I will pray that everything goes as planned and you and The Man are reunited on Friday yay!!!
    Hand buddy sounds cool, I had heard about them before but they were wood-would you mind telling where you got it? Friday will be here in no time!!
    Scarlet ; )


      There is the link. I am pretty excited about it. They have them in wood, but well... wood is NO good...LOL..