Tuesday, June 24, 2014


                                                            P is for patience.

 Let me explain patience.... I have been gone, out of commission...  One might wonder if I have been grounded.  Me?  Moi?  No...  I have been in inter net server hell.  Purgatory really... the waiting place.  We have been out of service for over a week...  Since, well, the 17th, the last time I posted.  For someone who was raised and lived a relatively normal lifestyle without  "the net".  This has been just the pits..

I have missed you guys..
Q is for Quiet
It has been quiet at my house.  The in laws are gone, and so are my youngest boys.  It's just me and The Man at home.  Yeah... Quiet, peaceful.  Q is also for "Quick, get naked!!!  There are no children in the house, we don't have to go to the bedroom."  Yeah, it's been fun.  LOTS of good girl spankings, cause well.. THERE'S NO KIDS.
I have so been a good girl..
R is for Resisting
I know it's silly, but sometimes, when I am really stressed, I resist a stress relief spanking.  When I know deep down in my soul that it is what will be just the thing, I just can't ask for it.  I often can't admit it's what I need to keep from getting a punishment spanking that NOBODY at my house likes.  A couple of nights ago, The Man said, "Would a spanking help?"  Ya know even HOH's have a hard time gauging.  It was an emotionally fraught situation, and he didn't want to misstep.  I said quietly, "I just want you to do whatever you think, cause I can't know."  He quietly said, "I've got ya, babe, and I'm going take care of you."  And he did.
And.. I think that's enough for now.  I have missed you guys, a lot.  I will try to post more tomorrow, since I think we may actually have service again.


  1. We've missed you too Dana! Hope your internet issues are over-although we have spent more of our lives without it, it's amazing how dependent on it we have become!
    Yay for quiet, quick getting naked & lots of GG spankings! Totally hear you on the resisting- I do it too, it's sooo hard to ask & harder if he asks me! I just cannot say "yes a stress relief or maintenance spanking is just what I need right now-thanks!" No matter how hard I try......
    Scarlet ; )

    1. I have taken off the next two days to spend at home with the man... Life is good.

  2. Missed you too Dana! Ooh...so happy you and the Man are having fun with lots of GG spankings and dancing!

    Ya know, you could always give me the Man's phone number...I would be more than happy to help you out by texting him to let him know when you need a stress relief spanking. You text or call me and I text or call him...you then get what you need/want! :D

    Keep being his good girl. ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Yeah.. NO.. NO talking to the Man...

  3. I'm so glad you're getting alone time with the man! Sounds like you are both enjoying it :) and I totally understand resisting stress relief spankings, I do it too, and I don't know why. I do feel better afterwards. I'm glad he took care of you, and how sweet was his " I've got ya, babe" comment :)


    1. And you know what? He always has me...

  4. Hi Dana,

    So glad your server issues are gone. :0) Withdrawal from the net is horrible!! I have the hardest time asking for help when I am stressed out. We have a magnet that I can flip so that I don't physically have to walk up and ask for his help. But I can't tell you how many times I have stood there making faces at that stupid magnet. Grrrrrr ... Still not easy.
    Love your guys response, that he has you. So very sweet!!! :0)

    Irish Lucky

    1. We are changing services like Monday. I find it interesting that ALL of us struggle with asking for help in the form of a spanking.. I hope your retirement is going well...