Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Gods just must hate me...

Ya know.. sometimes ya just have to laugh..  Really.  It has been a wonderful time home with the Man.  We had a lovely Easter with 17 people at our house.  I dodged..  barely... a spanking due to nerves.  I have to say, I have come to this conclusion, I would rather him spank me than walk away from me.  When he walks away, in disgust or disappointment, it so much more painful in my heart than having my fanny spanked.  I feel so alone, and defeated when he walks away.  That is punishment with no forgiveness, no clean slate.  It's worse than sitting lightly.  Especially when I feel that I failed him in some way.

Sooooo.....  Tuesday I sent him this message...  I need to feel your dominance, and he replied...  I need to feel you submission.  It shocked me.  I mean I know that I need to feel him guiding me, leading, standing up for me, too me and all that.  I never, ever realized.  I mean I know he enjoys it, enjoys the benefits this lifestyle gives us because I am softer, and it gives me what I need, but I never realized he needs my submission, needs to feel me give way, soften to him, like I need his dominance.  It was quite a revelation.  Now, Wednesday... OH yes.. Wednesday...  DATE night.  There were to be NO children in the house.  WOOOHOOOO!!!  I was thinking all day, well till 1pm when I got the text..

There will be NO church tonight...  Enjoy time with your families...  REALLY?  I sent the text that said...  The gods must hate me.. and I got back... I am beginning to think so...

At 4pm.. I got this text.  I have arranged for us to be alone.. OH yes..  Yes..  Rushed home..  showered together, put on my pretty panties, and his shirt that is slinky and makes me feel sexy...  We ate a wonderful dinner..  I had seen all the toys laid out for play time.. my body was vibrating with excitement.. Until...  the dog began to bark fiercely...  letting us know, and intruder was here...  I again said, looking out the window.. The gods HATE me...  it's the air conditioning man.. who stayed till way past time.  Our friends kept our son busy, and sent the text..  just let us know..  We headed to the bedroom....

Only to have our daughter and son in law come over...  Yep.. I am sure of it now.. The gods HATE me.. and we just had to laugh... We snuggled into bed and I heard... I know it didn't turn out the way we wanted, but I so enjoyed your company...  and.. there is always Saturday...  Only the other son is coming home and NOT going with the youth group...  I'm not sure what kinda karma parents have, but it's kinda sucky.....

Only..  ya know what.. The Man is taking me to New Orleans for 5 count them 5 days.. NO kids..  and at that point, so far from home..  I can have sex and I don't care who hears...  Just sayin....


  1. LOL Dana...oh I can definitely remember kiddo interruptus! So happy the Man is taking you away. Be careful exactly what kind of noise you make in the hotel...ya don't want to suffer from security interruptus...just sayin... *snicker*

    Totally envious that you are getting 5 days in one of my favorite cities! Have fun!!!!!

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. That's just it my friend.. I will be out of town... What's the worst they can say? Pipe down or get out? I love New Orleans...

  2. Ugh Dana,
    I can SO sympathize with you on this-we have one teenager, a pre schooler & an infant to whom my husband & I lovingly refer to as "CBs 1, 2 & 3". (CB stands for cockblock-sorry to actually type out the word lol it's much less vulgar when we use the initials-hope I didn't offend)! They all seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to us trying to have some "quality time".......hope you get time soon at home before you go on your trip & I hope your trip is WONDERFUL!!
    Scarlet ; )

    1. LOL!!!! OMG... I laughed till I cried.. Told The Man about CB... and he laughed too.. Yep.. that is the perfect description... As a matter of fact... if I play my cards just right.. I may just have a little...... Um quality time tonight..

  3. And I am glad I could give you a laugh ; )

  4. sigh - oh Dana, I can so totally relate with you here!

    I am the same way about hubby just walking away from me - which thankfully, doesn't happen as often now that we are ttwd. :)

    And we've had a hard time getting 'alone' time too. So no spankings, no wild sex. But! I love that we have hubbies who want those things and are finding ways to make them happen! Hope you have a marvelous 5 days (and nights) in New Orleans!!


    1. ps: I couldn't find your email to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You can find the details on my blog. I hope you enjoy it!