Saturday, March 15, 2014

Coming up for Air.....

I know I haven't posted in a bit.  Truly, I have been selfish and spent every minute with The Man that I could.  He took me away to Florida for 4 days for my birthday.  We had a simply amazing time.  He didn't open his computer and neither did I.  We walked on the beach, several times.  We watched the sun set, we watched the sun rise, and spent every minute of every day together.

We had some interesting moments... Like when The Man said....  I have some good news.. You get to go shopping tomorrow because your suitcase didn't make it to the car.  And....  I did not throw a fit.  I didn't panic or fuss or pout.  We were at Wal Mart at 1 am buying one outfit and panties..  Cause well, a girl MUST have clean panties.  He was patient and I relaxed.  He took me shopping the next day for clothes for the trip. 

Ladies..  I have to tell you, he did the most amazing thing.  It made me feel all warm and fuzzy and submissive inside.  He took me to a nice restaurant, it was a piano bar.  And, he ordered for me.  He was confident, and assertive and ohhhh so sexy..  I'm telling you, there is NOTHING sexier on The Man than his HOH hat worn just right.   We were so close and had such fun.  Some sweet, some sexy, some cozy and some oh so naughty.

I had a court hearing this week, and was called to testify for 4 and 1/2 hours straight on the stand.  Gotta tell ya that is just grueling.  I came home and The Man held me, and sent me to Zumba.  We had dinner and he held me close.

We are making such progress in things.  I came home Thursday and panicked.  My house was so out of order, I just lost my cookies.  However, I took a deep breath and began to clean.  I was able to express to the Man that I was not angry, I was overwhelmed and I couldn't take it.  His face softened, and asked, what can I do?  I cancelled the gym time and cleaned the house and with help, had it set to rights in short order, but in times past?  I would have totally lost it, taken no prisoners and said such ugly hateful things. 

Today, was spent outside getting ready for garden season.  Many projects were completed, and the Man?  He said that he was bringing dinner home cause well, I have pressure washed the deck, gotten two of my raised beds ready for planting, supervised the moving of muscadine vines and the building of the trellis, supervised and worked three teen age boys like slave labor and I'm not sorry.  Then tilled the ground around the pool for them to shovel the dirt away to make way for sand.  Yeah, I'm whupped. 

Have I mentioned that I love him very much?  OH... I see that March is questions month.  Better late than never...  If you guys have questions, especially for The Man, now is the time, as he is leaving on Monday for a month....


  1. Aww, I loved this post on many levels! So happy you got to go spend some relaxing time with the Man! Sounds like it was wonderful and he took you shopping too. Once we went on a trip and I forgot to put the children's suitcases by the door so they had no clothes and we went to Walmart hitting the clearance racks. SM was all calm about the whole thing and the kids thought it was great! New clothes and a vacation!
    And I totally agree. A girl does have to have clean panties!

    I haven't been to a piano bar in years but I do recall them being fun. So nice that he ordered for you and was so HOH. Makes a gal all tingly!

    Glad you two were able to get some things done and reconnect at home too. Sorry he will be gone a month though. That must be hard. Be sure to keep in touch so we can uplift you during that time. <3


    1. We have had such a wonderful time. I am getting ready to sleep beside him for the last time for over a month... Some times are harder than others, ya know?

  2. Hey were not being were being attentive to your husband! Oh and what a husband you two had such a lovely time. So very happy you were able to get away and that the Man had that HoH hat firmly in place.

    Very proud of you my friend...not losing your cookies when your suitcase was left behind and then again calmly explaining to the man about the mess. How you have grown!

    Sure do wish I still had teenage boys at home to get some work done around this place!

    BTW...I just received a picture on my phone about an hour ago but looks as if it was sent Monday. I've tried all week since Monday to text you but kept getting strange 'unable to deliver' messages. Wonder if the picture was hung up and kept me from texting you. Anyhoo...thanks for the pic and belated Happy Birthday!

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Thanks girlfriend. We are growing together... My oldest son is coming in this week...

  3. So glad you two had such a wonderful time away & that you were able to express how you felt in a respectful way that you can be proud of when you were overwhelmed with the house-my husband and I love having those moments where we can really see how far we have come/how much this lifestyle has changed us for the better ; ) so sorry he will be gone for a month, I really hope the time flies by for you!
    Scarlet ; )

    1. Thanks Scarlet. I was really proud of both of us. I miss him like mad today.

  4. What a great birthday for you!! And yay for not getting irked about your suitcase or your housework. That's huge! :)
    So sorry about the court thing though....I had to give a deposition once, for about 2 hours, and I was exhausted - can't even imagine what you went through! But hopefully it's all over and won't ever have to be done again.

    1. Thanks Cali, and court is part of my job. The really sucky part. We are growing and I am trying...