Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hello.... is anybody out there?

Yeah... Yeah.. I know it's me that has been gone.  I have been hunkered down the last two weeks cause well I don't know how it happened, but I  am pretty sure this is me....

Now a good woman can only take so much..  The Man is not here.  The Man isn't gonna BE here till November the 5th.  In case you missed it, that is a long time, seeing as he left the second of October.  He is going to be gone 5 and a half weeks this time.  I was bumping along just fine till Friday.  I mean  considering the amount of just plain upheaval running around here.
The Man is stateside, so he has a bit more time to "think" about anything and everything.  After about the third question that I couldn't answer, or didn't have the answer to, or hadn't found the answer to, I felt something like this...
And I might have been just a teensy, little, tiny bit grumpy...  ALRIGHT... Geesh... a girl can't even lie in Blogland... So.. I was just right aggravated...  as a matter of fact, the text conversation went like this....
Me:  I am not sure I like that you have enough downtime to think about stuff
The Man:  It's a beeotch...
Me:  For ME yes it is.  It feels like somebody else needing something from me I can't give.
The Man:  Then say no.  I think there are answers though.  I guess I should quit worrying about it.
Me:  Would you rather me not tell you.... Unless I know for sure.  (Okay so it was a cheap shot.)
The Man:  Of course not.
I did my best to remain  under the radar..  So I was at my folks house, it was Daddy's Bday..  and The Man and I were texting.. I don't know what came over me....
Me:  Daddy is on a rant...
The Man:  About?
Me:  You
The Man:  Ranting about me?  What did I do?
Me:  You know what you did.
The Man:  I really don't. Or at least I don't remember.
Me:  It will blow over.
The Man:  Honestly, what did I do?
Me:  GOTCHA.  Hehehe...
Read here, very ,very, very long pause...
The Man:  Not funny little girl.  You know I love your dad.
I stand behind my statement.  It WAS funny..
It has been a little difficult but I am doing okay.  To those of you who have checked on me, thanks guys...



  1. I'm sorry you are struggling with the Man's absence. I am glad you are doing okay, but I know how much it can suck to feel like you are alone, struggling, and can't make anyone happy. You know where to find me if you want to talk.


    1. Thanks TL. It's just been upside down.. and well I suck at upside down...

  2. Awww Dana...sorry the Man's absence has been rougher this time. You are one strong lady and will get through this. Feel free to call or text if there is anything I can do to help.

    BTW...the was funny! LOL

    Hugs and Blessings,

    1. See? I know right? It WAS funny....