Sunday, September 22, 2013

Let Me Introduce You to The Man!!!

I finally got the nerve up to ask The Man to do a bit of an interview here with me.  So... without further stalling...

Me:  What do you like best about you?

The Man:  I like that I am generally patient and understanding.  Not always, but it's a strong point.  (You betcha!! )

Me:  What do you like best about TTWD?

The Man:  I like how it encourages me to be better, and given you an element of peace and deepened our relationship.  On the lighter side the after spanking sex is really good too....  (yeah.. what he said..)

Me:  What do you like least about TTWD?

The Man:  I don't like that we have to keep it secret and the social stigma that comes with it.  I also don't like the uncertainty that I still feel, but that is something I am working on. 

Me:  What do you like best about us as a couple?

The Man:  YOU!!!  I love the fact that after 11 years of marriage, we are growing deeper in love as we explore TTWD.  (Is he romantic or what?)

Me:  Which implement to you like best for spanking and why?

The Man:  I love the rose paddle for good girl spankings, and my hand.  The riding crop is fun every now and then. (I am all about those GG spankings)

Me:  Where do you most want us to go on vacation?

The Man:  I would like to take you to Ireland and the Caribbean, which are the only two places you have asked to go. (Have I mentioned that I am a home body?)

Me:  What do you struggle with as the HoH and why?

The Man:  I struggle with when to be firm and when to be understanding and I struggle with things that deserve a spanking that occur in the early weeks of the times when I am gone, because it seems unfair to wait three weeks or more for a spanking.

Me:  What do you like best about me? 

The Man:  More than anything else, I love how you love me.  I also admire how you care for other people.  How loving and concerned you are and how you keep the family together.

See, isn't it easy to see why I love him like I do?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Dang!!! Who needs a paddle when you have hands of Steel?

I realized today that I haven't posted well, since The Man came home.  I have to say, we have many implements of destruction.  There is the dreaded leather paddle from the London Tanner Company that is used only for discipline and I HATE it. 

Then there is the rose paddle that is for good girl spankings.  I really love this one. 
(I borrowed the pic from Ami Starsong)
We have a couple of wooden paddles, and a wooden hairbrush that well, whew.. let's not talk about those.  However, I have come to this conclusion.  The Man does not need ANY of the above to get my attention.  I swear to you there are times it feels like his hand has reinforced steel right down the bone, you know.. like the Wolverine on Xmen?  Yeah.  I think they are related.
I have been spanked long, I have been spanked hard, I have been spanked a lot, but I have not been punished.  Life is good.
On a more jovial note.  As all of the men in the house (two sons and The Man) were having a "geek" conversation, the following comment occurred:
Me:  One of these days, I am going to write a book about living with  a house full of geeks.
The Man:  It must be freakin' awesome!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Some Important Phrases...

Before I say anything else, let me declare, THE MAN comes home on Friday.  Now, that being said, I have been thinking over several things the last few days.

I keep coming back to important phrases.  The spoken language is an amazing thing that can mean many things to many people and all be the same words.  The same can be said for our life together.  Many things The Man says to me means so very much.

The obvious, I love you, is pretty self explanatory.  I never, ever get tired of hearing it.

"Little Girl", can mean many things on any given day.  It is often a term of endearment, whispered in my ear that gives me the thrill of knowing I belong.  Sometimes it is a warning.. Ya know, like.. YOU are perilously close to the line.  Sometimes it is said in comfort to let me know that he's got me, and I am safe.

Then there's,  "That would go so poorly for you."  Yeah, sometimes I get that, sometimes I need a little demonstration.

Then there's the non verbal cue of the eyebrows going up, then down, which is affectionately what all of us on my side of the fence call, THE LOOK.

Oh wait, let's not forget, "Do I make myself clear."  I really hate that one, I'm not stupid, and he KNOWS I'm not stupid.  He does however KNOW I am rebellious on occasion and this statement is made to tie up any and ALL loopholes.

My favorite one this week is, "I am proud of you.  I don't think I tell you that enough."  Those words, those words for me and the most amazing thing.  That means I have done something or acted in a way that he finds above the love he has for me.  That I have shone in some ways in his eyes and it thrills my soul.

One that I struggle with because I don't see it at all is, "You are beautiful."  He means it from the bottom of his heart.  It embarrasses me, and makes me uncomfortable because when I look at me, all I see is flaws.

But more than any of these, is the one that gives me such a secret thrill and makes me all girly goo inside is, "You are mine."  And yes, yes, I am.