Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Weekend Just for Us

The Man took me away.  He took my cell phone, and computer.  He didn't take his computer.  We went away to the mountains, to a cabin and spent the weekend just us.  We went hiking, we played board games, and just talked, just us.  We read some, played some, danced some, and loved much. 

I have been given the okay to put up some pics of our weekend.  We love the outdoors and most of these places hold childhood memories for me.


For whatever reason these butterflies were all in one place
Looking Glass Falls
Pisgah National Forest
I would recommend taking time to reconnect.  Even if it's a day trip.  No phones, no computers.  Just you and your partner.  


  1. Fun! That's such an awesome idea :) with the snow melting here, I'm hoping we can do some if that soon. Thanks for sharing the pics!


  2. Yes, please! I love reconnecting with My Love, if even just a few hours or a day alone revives us like nothing else.

  3. Hey very happy that the awesome Man took both of you away for some much needed "us" time. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pics!

    Sending lots of prayers, positive thoughts and healing energy that things go better.

    Hugs and Blessings,

    1. I love where we live Cat. It's beautiful, and the time away was so special.

  4. OH wow, that does sound wonderful. I'll have to suggest it to the Duke. And the butterflies, wow! I love that photo. :)