Thursday, April 4, 2013

Inquiring Minds want to know...

I just gotta tell ya it's been a rough few days.  The Man and I are just fine, but this whole food poisoning thing has been just rather nasty.  So, the question becomes, what do you do when you just can't spank?  Physically, there is just no way in this world that I could handle/endure/survive (you get the picture) a spanking in the last few days. 

Now, let me be quick to say, I am such a pleasant  grumpy person when I am truly sick.  I try really hard not to "share" the joy and stay to myself.  However, this time, the sickness was compounded by the concern down in my heart that this may have done some significant damage to my intestines.  All that being said, I headed down the path of "distance". 

The Man said to me, "In any other circumstance, Maintenance spanking would be the course of action, but that is not possible, and I don't know what to do for you Sweetheart."  He meant it from the bottom of his heart.  So, I stepped outside of my comfort zone and sent him an email, that told him how afraid I was, and how I needed him.  I needed to feel his strength and control.  I needed to feel his care.  I received a text that said, "Come straight home to me after work."  (Yeah, I went to work....)

The Man gave me directions all evening.  He was gentle he was kind and I just soaked it up.  He helped me shower, and then put me to bed early, but he stayed with me.  He let me know he understood my fears.  The next morning, The Man did some extensive research on food poisoning and things to do and steps to take if it sets up infection... (yeah, we are just having a laugh a minute round here.) 

I am much better today.  The Man has taken over the household, the kids, and I have been his number one priority.  He dropped everything last night to take a walk with me last night.  We are looking forward to our vacation to New Orleans.  I am REALLY hopefully that I will be much better by then.  On a lighter note...  I got a little testy the other day and The Man explained to me that he had 4 corners in our bedroom.....


  1. Hate cornertime - blech! It's lovely when they blanket us and make us feel loved.

    I'm wondering if food poisoning disrupts beneficial flora - would almost have to - and if perhaps probiotics, and some fermented foods might help, like kefir and yogurt - those should be bland enough to hold down.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!


    1. June,

      Yup.. Yup.. started those two days ago, and I am with you on corner time. He is also making me fresh juice that soothes. I am getting there...

  2. HAHAHAHA we do have four corners as well, but they all have furniture in them, well they did until two weeks ago so that we could free up one corner so that I have to stand in it, and not against the door. What a funny husband you have. ;) I am sorry you're still so sick though! And how wonderful of him to step up and take care of you and the house. {{{HUGS}}} I hope you are very well in time for your trip.

    1. Yeah EM, that's what I said.. "There is something in all of them.. feeling very smug. Until he said, "Yep, until YOU clean it out to stand in if you don't reign it in..." I am feeling much better. This has just been quite the process.

  3. I'm sorry you got so sick :( The Man is just wonderful for taking care of you so well :)


  4. Well with any gastrointestinal upset: Nothing by mouth until no vomiting.. then small amts of clear liquids, gradually adding more as they are tolerated... Then... The B.R.A.T. diet. The brat diet is Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. This is TRUELY the way to proceed. It is funny to be typing a BRAT diet on a TTWD website.. LOL. Hope you are feeling much better. -Belle L.