Sunday, January 20, 2013

Opinions Please...

Okay.. so...  My folks 50th Wedding Anniversary is next month.  I have written this poem and would like to know if you guys thinks it's good enough to either read or have put into the powerpoint we are doing for them complete with music and pictures..  So.. here goes.

New times when everything is fresh and bright,
And young love leads the way to new life.
Brides and bows, grooms and vows make way for family.
Family times where dreams take flight,
And children’s laughter and giggles are the music of the day
Parents mold little lives in the everyday moments called life.
Hard times come with heartbreak in this journey,
And tears wash away the bitterness that can come.
Adversity tests the mettle of Times but commitment holds strong.
Enduring times test the words that were spoken when love was new,
And it is here that the vows that were spoken are made flesh.
The vow made of sickness and in health is what forges the path to stay the course.
Happy times is the ribbon thread throughout the stages of life,
And the special moments, a smile, a touch, a private memory to cherish gives hope.
Hope for a brighter time.
Golden times when wisdom has grown as two lives have lived as one,
And knowing you have touched so many lives just by being who you are.
To look and see the legacy you have created in Your Times.
I appreciate you guys taking the time to help me out...


  1. I think it sounds just beautiful, with so many truths about marriage. I am sure your parents would be very honoured if you would read that to them. :)

    1. Thanks alot. I tried to reflect their life. I just want their day to be so very special.

  2. Absolutely beautiful and your parents will love it! Only suggestion I would make is that you have it printed and framed so that you can present it to them at the party.


    1. Do you really think it's that good?

    2. Yes sweetie I do - it's lovely and written with love.

    3. I agree with Cat. I know I would just treasure something like this, and I can't imagine your parents would feel any less. :)

  3. Wow. Just wow! It is beautiful and I wholeheartedly agree that you should frame it for them. They will be overcome.

    1. Thanks Zoe... I often write, but keep my poetry private. I wanted something special for them.

  4. Absolutely you should share it, whether you read it or include it in the powerpoint. :) I agree with Cat, print and frame it to give to them. I can't imagine them not loving it! I did that for my parents 40th...and now their 50th is only a few years away. How time flies! Congrats to your parents! :)

    1. Thanks Grace. It has not always been an easy road for them, but they are simply awesome people.

  5. It's lovely...and I also agree, make sure they have it in a pretty hard copy so they can look at it again and again.