Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Ya'll...

Ya know... things just never turn out the way we think they should.  The Man and I had soooo many plans for this Christmas...  Gonna do this.. gonna do that.. and all we really have accomplished is recovering from being sick, and figuring out that it's us that makes the "special".

The children have all had a wonderful Christmas, and my mom is enjoying the season with much ease and seems so at peace, that is my own miracle right there. 

It is late, and the Man is snoring...  (freight train.... woooooo woooooo).  Sucking down the ceiling, sawing logs.. whatever noise befitting a small tornado comes to mind...  So, I am taking this time to say this has been a most awesome season.

I have baked cookies with my kids and they WANTED to.  The Man has driven me around while I delivered Christmas to my kids in foster care cause I was just tooo sick to do it myself, and I didn't forget anyone for Christmas. 

The Man was thrilled with his presents.  We had our own special time of opening our gifts.  And, ya know.. this is the most precious gift.  When we were getting married....  I explained to him that I could never love him like he loved me.  You see my first husband had broken me in such a way, that I would not allow myself to love like that ever..  I explained that I loved him, but this is what I could offer...  He loved me enough for both of us.  Over time, with faithful dedication, patience, a few  alot of spankings, determination and just simple love, he has proved himself trustworthy of my heart.  I love him till I choke up everytime I think about how much.  It takes a very special, strong, dedicated man to marry a woman who tells him up front, that he loves her more and it is likely to stay that way...

So........  Man of Mine.  After my Savior, Jesus.  You are my most precious Christmas gift...

May you and yours have a Blessed, fun filled, love overflowing Christmas....


  1. so sweet and heartfelt. glad he managed to "convince" you that he's worthy.

    That's the most important thing of all!

  2. So sweet. Merry Christmas to you and the Man, Dana.

  3. Such a sweet sentiment, Dana. We have much in common. I wish you joy and peace, from our family to yours. (((hugs)))

  4. So very happy that you, the Man and your kids had a wonderful Christmas Dana. Yes, you are very blessed to have him but he is also very blessed to have you. Hope you are both feeling better.