Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Home Coming

Last night, on their anniversary, dressed in his finest uniform I am sure.  My Grandaddy ushered my Gram home.  Please keep our family in your thoughts.  It is for the best, and it is hard.  Family is going to have to travel in order to make it for the funeral.

Be at peace Grama Grama.  You were and will continue to be such a precious part of my life.  Your legacy will live on in each of us whose life you touched and are the richer for it.

Just for you Gram...  from Grandaddy...
Give those you love a hug or a call today...  Dana

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Ya'll...

Ya know... things just never turn out the way we think they should.  The Man and I had soooo many plans for this Christmas...  Gonna do this.. gonna do that.. and all we really have accomplished is recovering from being sick, and figuring out that it's us that makes the "special".

The children have all had a wonderful Christmas, and my mom is enjoying the season with much ease and seems so at peace, that is my own miracle right there. 

It is late, and the Man is snoring...  (freight train.... woooooo woooooo).  Sucking down the ceiling, sawing logs.. whatever noise befitting a small tornado comes to mind...  So, I am taking this time to say this has been a most awesome season.

I have baked cookies with my kids and they WANTED to.  The Man has driven me around while I delivered Christmas to my kids in foster care cause I was just tooo sick to do it myself, and I didn't forget anyone for Christmas. 

The Man was thrilled with his presents.  We had our own special time of opening our gifts.  And, ya know.. this is the most precious gift.  When we were getting married....  I explained to him that I could never love him like he loved me.  You see my first husband had broken me in such a way, that I would not allow myself to love like that ever..  I explained that I loved him, but this is what I could offer...  He loved me enough for both of us.  Over time, with faithful dedication, patience, a few  alot of spankings, determination and just simple love, he has proved himself trustworthy of my heart.  I love him till I choke up everytime I think about how much.  It takes a very special, strong, dedicated man to marry a woman who tells him up front, that he loves her more and it is likely to stay that way...

So........  Man of Mine.  After my Savior, Jesus.  You are my most precious Christmas gift...

May you and yours have a Blessed, fun filled, love overflowing Christmas....

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Different way to Honor...

I have pondered many things over the last few days. I know the country is outraged and in mourning for the innocent lives so senselessly snuffed out as Sandy Hook Elementary.  The outrage, the demand for gun control, trying to make sense, watching the media make this a circus and the list goes on and on...  Whereas I won't weigh in on this, as it seems to have enough heat, it doesn't need me to add to the fire.

I would ask the community at large this one question, Where is your outrage of the abuse/neglect that occurs on a daily basis? I would ask, is it okay as long as the children don't die? Is it okay if only their spirits die? Is it acceptable if only their minds are broken? Is it okay as long as it's only their innocence and childhood that dies an untimely death?  I am not in any way trying to lessen or minimize the loss of those babies that died, please do not misunderstand me.

There are many avenues in which to advocate for children. One of the main ones being, how many of you have made it very clear to your district attorney and local government that you will not tolerate nor re-elect someone who will not prosecute child abusers be it physical or sexual? Have you made it clear that justice isn't just about winning a case. These children are not numbers. The only avenue they have for justice is our legal system and they are failing our children. Children are asked to do things that as adults we would press charges and their would be a great outcry to the public. Children are asked to sit in a room with their rapist/abuser because parents have rights. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the excuse, "people just don't want to believe bad things happen to children" in reference to charges being pressed.

Let me say here, I believe in the sanctity of the family. I believe in second chances, I believe people can change. I also firmly beileve that parents should have to DEMONSTRATE that change and the desire to effect that change before the risk of harming a child is even contemplated. People who want to change, do. I believe in mercy tempered with justice. I also believe that children have the same rights to be treated as human beings as anyone over the age of 18.

Many of our children are the walking wounded, and many are walking emotional/mental zombies. When you hear a child describe abuse in a way that they say, I once was this way and after "that" happened I was a completely different person, is this not a type of murder? Children are resilient, but at what cost? Those whose minds are so broken and shattered due to the treatment by the very people put on this earth to love and protect them deserve a voice. They deserve to be heard and honored as veterans in the most horrendous kind of warfare.

I am grieved for these babies who will never have the chance to grow up, go to college, find a job they love, or marry the mate of their dreams. However, I am no more grieved for them than the ones who are still breathing that have suffered such significant abuse that much the same can be said for their lives.  From what I can see from the media, these children were loved, wanted, cared for and cherished by both their families and their communities.  Their suffering was caused by a random act of violent evil from a stranger.   I cannot say the same for many of the children that I come in contact with who are broken, thrown away and their spirits "murdered" by the betrayal of the very people whom were given the God given honor to love and protect them as the gifts they were meant to be.

It saddens me that it takes such and act of violence for attention to be turned to the most innocent in our world.  There is evil in this world.  I see it every single day.  Yet, there is goodness, there are heroes, there are selfless acts of bravery, every day.

I challenge you, find a way to be a positive change. In honor of these babies whose precious light was taken from this Earth way too soon.  In honor of the love their families and community so obviously lavished upon each and every one of them.  Whether it is making your voice heard politically, taking foster parenting classes, mentoring young parents, mentoring children, donating toys, time, and love. Love is free.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Day in the Life....

Yeah, The Man is home, and I just haven't been in blogland...  The first few days the need to just BE with him is overwhelming.  I begrudge every phone call, every interruption..  I just want time for us as a family to get in the groove. 

Today, life intruded, but that was ok.  There have been a few chuckles.. like saying to my best friend...  "Wait, I need to daughter proof my bedroom before we let her in ( she's 14).  The look on my friends face as I calmly gathered up our two leather paddles and the hair brush, would have been mortifying if it hadn't been so darn funny.  I didn't expect her to follow me....

We have decorated for Christmas, taking out my angels and putting up the tree.  My son has taken over the outside lights, and he did a damn fine job...  My parents came over for dinner and I had a very pleasant, wonderful evening with my Mom.

Now, I am sitting here, watching my two youngest sons on the couch with their dad, cruisin' the net, looking at geeky tshirts and things ONLY nerds will get... God, how I love them all..   Tomorrow we will go to church as a family and i love that part..

The Man made the ultimate sacrifice and went grocery shopping with me today.  THAT is always entertaining as I feel it is important for him to see how much food costs...  I'm a really good shopper and it's still  VERY pricey folks..

Now, I am waiting, ever so patiently...for The Man to finish Daddy time.  Did I mention he is an awesome Dad?  Course he happens to be a pretty awesome husband and mate as well.  I am really blessed...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cookies.... cookies...

Okay.. so I saw the reminder (first time I saw it) on Heart and Soul.  It's Cookie Exchange Day..  Now, I have a man who loves him some cookies..  So I am always looking for recipes..  So, let's all play along.  I don't know that we'll be able to be on the list, but we'll figure it out.

These cookies are in honor of my kids.  My oldest son in particular.   Every year at Christmas, the oldest child gets to pick the "first Jelly" to be used.  My son once told his wife the smell of these cookies meant he was home......

1 cup of butter softened
1 cup of white sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract
2 1/2 cups of self rising flour
Whatever jam, jelly you have and would like to use
Cream together shortening, sugar, egg and vanilla.                
Mix the dry with the wet ingredients.
Use a tablespoon and then roll into a ball, place on a cookie sheet and mash the middle with your thumb, making a well, but don't go through the dough.
Fill the well with whatever jelly or jam you could like          
Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Remove from oven and cool.


Monday, December 3, 2012

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a 17 year old girl, and she fell in love with a 27 year old soldier.  Their love was something to behold.  Together, they made a life with 4 beautiful children and umpteen grands and great grands..

Their love was an amazing thing to behold.  He called her "Sug".  She called him "Hon".He was quick to tell you that she was the greatest thing since sliced bread and she was his whole world.  He was a quiet man of slate gray eyes, and he was her knight in shining armor, best friend, father of her children and her soul mate.  She was social, loving, creative and for her, he was the only one.

Their love went beyond when he went home to be with the Lord.  Their love was so strong, he would come to her in her dreams and comfort her.  He came for three years after his passing.  His last time, he danced her around the room and told her to remember he loved her more than anything, and he would be waiting for her.. just on the other side.

She went on, living and loving her family.  Praying for her children and grands.  Quilting and sewing, until she could no longer see or remember how.

I am praying that their love is strong enough.  Strong enough that the soldier of 27, will come and get the spirit of that 17 year old girl and take her home.  She has fought the good fight.  With all my heart, I want to keep her, but not like this.  So, it is with deep sorrow, but love for her..  my hope is that my Grandaddy will dance into your dreams Granma Granma and take you home.  Home where I  know that  you will hear... "Well done thy good and faithful servant.  Enter in.. Enter in."

Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers, My grandmother has slipping into a semi conscious state.  Please pray especially for my aunt who is the primary caretaker.