Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweetheart...

Today is The Man's birthday.  We are having a cook out.  I know I have talked a good bit about The Man, but on this "His Day", I thought I would tell ya why I think he's awesome.

AWESOME FACT:  This Man of mine has such a generous heart.  He is willing to help anyone in a time of need, and I don't mean just throwing money at it.  I mean special things, like allowing a man who obviously has spent his whole life providing for his family and has lost his job to go through our yard, and stuff and "haul off" scrap metal that we could have gotten money back on.  In other words, My Man didn't give him a hand out.  He allowed him to keep his dignity and still provide for his family. 

This Man of mine loves, LOVES to give anonymously, and not only allows me to do so but encourages me to find situations that we can be of assistance.

AWESOME FACT:  This Man of Mine has the reputation of being a decent, honest man of integrity.  He is known to be a Godly Man who is the spiritual leader of our family.  He is a good friend, loyal, kind, and funny.  Did I mention he has the most amazing sense of humor?

AWESOME FACT:  This Man of Mine has a mind that is always thinking.  He is brilliant.  His mind must have a challenge.  It must have something to process.  He has the ability to fix so many things.  When he is home I NEVER have to call anyone if something is broken.  Yeah, ladies I know there is jealously over that, but remember, 6 months out of the year, I have to call someone, because he's not home.

AWESOME FACT:  He is my Wanderer.  He loves adventure.  He needs, MUST have the thrill, the excitement of the job he does.  Yet, he understands my need to make a home, be a homebody.  He is constantly hunting for ways and projects to make our home what we want it to be.

AWESOME FACT:  The Man of Mine is my soul mate.  I am a better person because of him.  I am safer, more settled, and can be softer.  I can keep the expectations I have for myself because he helps hold me accountable.  He has taken the mantle of authority in our home and we have BOTH benefitted from it and not only us but all of our children.

So, all that being said, Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!!!  I love you with all of my heart.


  1. Dana, I think you are an awesome wife to write this for your husband. He sounds so wonderful! No wonder you love him so much. Happy Birthday to The Man!

  2. Those are some pretty awesome facts and I hope he sees this post to know and reaffirm just how much his wife loves him and the important part he plays in the family. Wow!

    Happy Birthday to The Man!!

  3. An awesome Man for an awesome Woman! Happy belated birthday to the Man.