Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Monster within...

Gather in tight ladies, huddle up, grab a chair, take a seat by the fire, belly up to the bar... You get the picture.  When I was a kid, we used to tell ghost stories and scare ourselves silly, never realizing that there a great monster lurking within every girl hiding under the covers with the flash light for special effects.

I'm not one for making excuses.  I try my best to own what's mine.  I may NOT like the consequences of my behavior, attitude, or mistakes, but I try very hard to take responsiblity for them.  (sounds good doesn't it?  Righteous even?  )

However, there is a snag, a glitch, a bump in the road, a "Houston, we have a problem" kinda situation that occurs.....  Every blasted MONTH.  Right as rain, right on time, lurking, waiting, never ending that causes some alter personality to surface that makes the


I try very hard, and have really tried this time because Michael has not felt well, and I did really, REALLY well till today.  Sweet Jesus in the morning, I could kill someone and get away with it today.  Ya know what I mean?  There is not enough....


To soothe the savage beast.  He parked in MY parking space.  My house is a wreck.  HE'S grouchy,  (okay, so yes, he has every right, the man had a root canal today).  I informed him HE was grouchy and then said... Ya know what the bad part is... SO AM I.  Tomorrow will be better..  I hate this time of the month.  Something overtakes me on the inside, and I can't even stand myself, let alone anyone else.  I know I'm being ill, I know I'm being unkind and I can't seem to stop myself no matter what and it's getting worse.  My emotions are all over the place, my nerves are shot, and I physically hurt all over along with running a fever.  I am exhausted and struggle with day to day things for the first three days.  Now, you all know WHY the Man is insisting on the Gyn appointment.  I don't WANT to be this way.
The Man he is kind.  He is loving, and I feel bad that I have been ill today.  I said I was sorry, only to find that he had succumb to the sleep he needs to heal.  Tomorrow is a new day...  


  1. Dana, I sent you a hug. I'll pray for a better day tomorrow. Please go to the doctor. I'll send you flowers if you do :)

  2. Boy that sounds rough for you. Please please see the doctor! Hoping they will be able to get things under control for you.


  3. I can relate Dana. I have my own monster! DD has helped me tame it somewhat though. I mean if I can't control it, Blue will! I also read somewhere, I can't think of where right now, that spanking can actually regulate hormones. I think there may really be some truth to that, it does seem to help. I do hope it isn't anything more serious and that all goes well at the doctor!

  4. Oh Dana, please do go to the doctor. Last fall I was in an awful place as far as hormones affecting me, actually, more like taking over my life. I finally went to the doctor and have been doing so much better ever since. (((hugs)))