Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stop the presses folks.. She's a WHAT?

OH........ MY........  GOD!!!!!  I can not, can't, remember the last time I have been so mortifyingly embarassed.  I mean, heart stopping, face flushed, heart pounding, color draining, feel sick, wanna throw up, pass out, change my name..  right, you get the idea.

So, I have a facebook account and so does the Man.  Sometimes it's the only communication that works.  The phones don't, the other programs on the computer don't.  I often find pictures that I like to send to him that tells him how much I love him, love our life, love what we are doing...  So, I found a couple this morning as he is on his way home, and I wanted him to know I was in the right frame of mind...  Wait for it...  YOU all know what is coming....

There is a really, REALLY cool button on Facebook...

It looks something like this.

It is used when you want to send a message PRIVATELY in a note form so that the person you are sending it to is the ONLY one who sees it, as opposed to simply posting it on HIS timeline which means all of YOUR friends and HIS can see it.  And can anyone guess where the message went that told him I was in the mood to be spanked properly?  Hmm..


Yeah, right there on his page.  And guess who "Liked" it?  Yeah, my life long friend.  I don't know which is more traumatic, that I did it or that my friend Liked it.  Now, all funning aside.  I was mortified.  I have professional relationships, my family, his family, his work mates, you get the idea.

I told him as soon as I could.  I deleted them immediately, but the damage could be done.  I don't know who was on line on his side of the page.  I am so embarassed and feel so bad.  It was careless and irresponsible.  Yes, I have more to lose as he simply said, "I'm not ashamed of what we do, and you don't have to answer to them."  Whereas, I agree, we live in the South, in the Bible belt where "Kink" and that is what it would be seen as is NOT acceptable out in the "Public".

I don't know what to say to my friend, if anything.  I just want to "pretend" it never happened.  Long and short, I am going to be spanked, not because he is upset, but because I am , and he understands that I feel so guilty that a careless mistake could have cost us so much.  


  1. Hmmm, while I can understand why you'd be distressed about it, can't you just play it off as a joke?

  2. Well Grace, I could have, IF I hadn't added my OWN personal message to them....

  3. Dana, I feel your pain. I would be mortified too. But now that it's done, you'll find a way to deal with it. Follow the Man's lead. Maybe it's time to tell your best friend. Things happen for a reason. You'll be alright.

  4. Oooh ouch! I would be just as mortified as you are. I agree with Grace; can you find some way to play it as less than serious?

    1. I think we have scraped by with ONLY my friend seeing it. Whereas that is embarassing, he walks on the wild side so thought nothing of it. And yes, I might could have played it off, IF I hadn't added my OWN personal messages to them

  5. Oh Lord! Honestly, Dana, its happened to a lot of people. It's happened to me. Learn from it, be careful and don't stress over it; you'd be surprised how many people would see it as a joke between a husband and a wife!

  6. The shock, the horror, the humiliation... Yeah, it's still not gone.....:) However, we must forge on. So, in that vain, I sent him a VERY naughty picture today.. and TRIPLE checked to make sure it was private.. Geesh... The things we do for love... Hey, I think there is a song in there somewhere!!!