Thursday, August 2, 2012

Something Fun

I love to cook.  I always have.  I love to entertain.  I don't know about other areas of the world, but here in the south, during family/church/social gatherings, everyone has a specialty.  A dish, that the gathering occurs it is expected that you bring it.  Is it a Southern thang?  I dunno.

And, it can vary depending on what time of the year it is.  For example,

Year round, my potato salad is expected at any family gathering.
In the winter time and fall, my black berry cobbler
In the summer time, my fresh fruit truffle is the ticket.

That being said.  I thought I would put the recipe for the truffle here.  I love finding and tweaking recipes and making them my own.  I love seeing what others like to make.  Perhaps we could compile a DD cook book, implements optional?....

So here goes.                                 FRESH BERRY TRUFFLE

This is not exactly mine, but it's close so you can get an idea what it could look like.


2 boxes of sugar free white chocolate pudding
2 containers 10 ounce of lite cool whip
2 pints of fresh blueberries
1-2 pints of strawberries
1 angel food (block one works better for cutting but either works) cut into one inch cubes


Make the pudding as directed with skim or low fat milk, but use ONLY 1 1/2 cups of milk so that would be 3 cups all together, let sit in fridge while you cut up the angel food in to cubes.

cut angel food cake into one inch cubes

A large bowl is needed.  Obviously if you have a clear bowl, it makes for a much prettier dessert.

Start by putting a layer of angel food cubes on the bottom, then a layer of blueberris (entire container plus some till the blue berries show on the side of the bowl

Then take out the pudding and fold in one and a half container of the cool whip.

put a layer of pudding

put a layer of strawberries sliced

Put a layer of cake

Put a layer of pudding

Finish up with cool whip and decorate with the rest of the berries

The awesome thing is, it is light, decadent, lucious and LOW fat, low sugar.

If you all have recipes that are your specialty, please share.


  1. Yum - looks really good! Thanks for the recipe - will have to try it soon. I love collecting recipes and cookbooks. So much fun to read through them and tailor them to your tastes. :)

  2. You can come cook for me any time! It looks great!

  3. This looks really good - I will put it into my files!