Saturday, August 11, 2012

Looking for an Artist...

I know this may be an odd request, but I have written a short story.  It's a childrens story.  First of all, I would like to see what you guys thing.  Where it can be improved.  Also, I need someone to illustrate it .  The book was written for someone very special.  It was written for my daughter.

I am going to put it here.  Please let me know what you think, and if you are an artist or know one who might be interested, please leave me a message.

The Fairie...

Once upon a time in the land of the faerie, there were two gifted with a most special faerie.  She was a most beautiful sprite.  Yes, she was fair of face but it was her inner beauty that made her shine.  All in the land of Faerie loved her, for her spirit was light and she shone with love and happiness and the deep thread of belief that the world was a good and wonderful place. 
Sprite could often be found flitting from place to place and all could hear her laugh tinkle through the air like the bells of angels.  It soon spread throughout the land of the Faerie that one had been born with the gift of making others feel light and goodness.  Others gathered around her just to feel their hearts lighten and warm their face in the light of goodness that went everywhere with her.
The Father of all Faerie looked upon Sprite and gifted her with the most beautiful wings in the land.  They were made of gossamer and shimmered in the sun with colors that were made just for Sprite.  Father Faerie looked on her with love and joy because of her love of life and all around her.
Sprite grew and was the joy of her mother and father.  Sprite’s mother knowing others loved her and basked in the glow of her love of life watched her grow with pride and joy, gifting Sprite with a special name.  She called Sprite her little Pixie.
There was one in the land who had hatred in his heart for all that was good and lovely.  Sprite had no knowledge of such evil.  One day, Evil stripped Sprite of her wings, leaving her unable to fly and robbed her of her laughter.  She no longer shimmered and darkness fell across her pixie spirit.  All of the color drained from Sprite and she became gray, a fae with no shimmer or light.  Her spirit lies in ashes and she hid from others.
Sprite begged the Faerie King to allow her to go into the Fade, a place where faerie go to rest and there is no feeling or color.  The Faerie King denied Sprite, telling her that her beauty was not gone nor her light.  Sprite pleaded and railed against the Faerie King.  Sprite could not see the Faerie King as he wept tears upon her grayness.  Yet, others began to see color around the edges of her.  The more the Faerie King wept, the more color crept into Sprite.
As time went on, Sprite longed to be Pixie again.  She longed to shine and love and fly through the trees and have her laughter tinkle like bells upon the wind.  Sprite dug through the gray, the ashes, finding pieces of her light, her love and goodness.  Yet try as she might, she could not put the pieces together.  The puzzle would not fit.  As Sprite wept bitter tears of longing, she cried out to the Faerie King.
The Faerie King, ever near to Sprite, came and sprinkled His eternal light upon the pieces of Sprite, forming them, molding them.  Sprite clapped her hands with glee as she was able to see her true colors again, bright and shining, only hers.  Yet, Sprite was amazed and humbled to see the Faerie King had given part of His Light to form and fashion the pieces.  Each piece was trimmed in stunning gold. 
At once, Sprite knelt before the King, her beauty shining trimmed in His light.  With love, and joy, the Faerie King waved his hands in an intricate pattern above Sprite, and she felt His warmth and love.  The Faerie King said, “Sprite, your mother’s pixie, what is your hearts deepest desire?”  Sprite, with tears shining, whispered, “My Lord that I could fly through the trees, shining with Your love and joy, letting all of Faerie see that You have rescued my colors, putting them aright again is my deepest desire.”  With that, color burst the sky and the stars shimmered, raining down their light upon Sprite.  The Faerie King whispered, “Fly, Sprite, pixie of your mother, FLY!”  With that, Sprite gasped as she spread the most beautiful wings touched by the Faerie King, fashioned by him and took to the air.  All in the land of Faerie were in awe at the wonder and beauty of Sprite’s new wings that were touched by the Faerie King.  Deep in the night, bells can be heard and joy rides the sky as Sprite has embraced the land of the Faerie.


  1. I really like it Dana. It's a nice story. It would make a ggod picture book.

  2. I'm sure your daughter will adore this story - not only is it a sweet story, but her mama wrote it "just for her"!

    Great job,

  3. Loved your story Dana! I could see it in my mind as I read it and think it will be a wonderful book. I am sure your daughter will cherish it in the years to come!!!

  4. Thanks Guys, if only I could find an illustrator.