Tuesday, August 28, 2012


She sat in her chair in her home, sharing family history with my oldest two children, my husband and I. She took out a treasured box of pictures and smiled as she told stories of her family, his family and theirs. Near the end of the day, when is just my Grandmother and I, she looked at me with her eyes sparkling and said, "The Lord gave your Grandfather and I quite a legacy."

She is the last grandparent I have left and I love her. To her, the legacy wasn't her career, which was quite impressive. She was a special education teacher for children with severe emotional and behavior disorders, and she was good at it. Her symbol, her mascott was the bumble bee, because well, they aren't supposed to be able to fly. She said her kids were like the bumble bee. They often were able to rise above what "should" have been.

She could do ANYTHING creative. She was an artist in many areas. She created quilts that are stunning, crocheted anything from intricate doilies to delicate clothes that looked like gossamer. She created more needle point than I could descibe past saying they were beautiful. She was a designer/seamstress. She could look at something, make a pattern and create stunning clothes, dolls for grandchildren, and christening gowns for her grandchildren. She could take something and make something stunning from it. But to me, most importantly, she designed and made my wedding gown.
Yet, with all these amazing qualities (and I have left out many for the sake of space) they were not in her mind her legacy. To her, it was her walk with the Good Lord God Almighty and the life she and my grandfather shared with their four children. She was a Sunday School teacher for all ages throughout her life and lived her life in service to our Lord. She and my grandfather had four children. On the day I mentioned above, as we were sharing things, she said to me, Your Grandfather and I have passed on our legacy. Our four children have served the Lord their entire lives. They all taught their children to love the Lord and our grandchildren are serving the Lord and teaching their children to do the same. She said this with such joy and motherly/grandmotherly pride. She explained to me with a twinkle in her eye, "I'm not standing in line for a bus ticket, but if the Good Lord sees fit, I'm ready."

Memories are precious and her legacy lives through us. I am not the only grandchild. Each of us have our own memories, as she knows us all by personality and relates to us in a way that was special to us. For me, she passed on her love of reading to me. I believe I have her love of children and determination to make a difference in the life of a child from her.

I remember when I was still a teen and Grandaddy had passed away, she got out a tape recorder and pushed play, it was my Uncle  singing, "He came Special Delivery." She explained she listened to it on the days when she especially missed Grandaddy. She then played a tape of myother Uncle playing the guitar, saying, "he got his father's love of music."  She was so proud of my Aunt who became a teacher like her, and often said, "I could never  have finished school without your mother, she kept the house together with the other children."

How many of us remember the fear of spiders? I remember being on my knees 5 1/2 months pregnant looking for a spider to kill it. There was no fooling her. She wanted the dead body as PROOF. hehe..
When I was small I was convinced that Wind Song was the smell of my Grandma. She wore it everday. You see, it was Grandaddy's favorite. I remember being in first grade and thinking she had come to school to see me when the teacher was wearing the same thing. (we lived 12 hours apart)
I wouldn't trade the hours we spent together the summer she came to stay with us and made my wedding dress. She talked with me about marriage. What made a good one. She talked with me about what makes a home, how to make it feel like home without alot of money. She shared with me about her early years of marriage and I could see through the eyes of a young woman about to be a bride, how much she loved my Grandaddy.

She prays for each of her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren everyday, and not just bless this one or that one. She prays specific prayers for each of us. She brings us all before the throne of grace and intercedes for us. This, this was her legacy, and I am so proud to be a part of it.

I wrote this several months ago for My Grandmother.  She will never read it.  This day was coming and I knew it was.  You see, my brilliant sophisticated Grandmother has an aggressive form of dementia, and the time has come that she doesn't know her children or her grandchildren.  We as a family are doing our grieving beforehand.  I am so sad that she doesn't know it's me, but most of all, I am heart broken for my mom and her siblings.  I just keep telling myself that, that empty shell is not my Gram.  My Gram will forever be in my heart.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Drive In Anyone?

What a wonderful night.  We are having a back to School party at our house today.  This means that approximately 20-25 teens and adults are about to crash our home.  We love it.  However, I have this thing about our home being clean and presentable.  I had told The Man earlier that I would love to go to the drive in as they were playing two not one but TWO movies I really wanted to see. 

Long and short, I looked at my house on Friday morning and said, "No way, the movies are happening tonight" and I was sad.  Off I went to work trying not to feel put out or disappointed.  The Man has not felt well, and it was not him.  My children schmooze him on a regular basis on how well they can do stuff.  He's not home all the time, so he doesn't know that they are as capable of cleaning as I am.  It frustrates me that he tolerates it and that they show him this kind of disrespect.  So, I told him to tell THEM to clean this house as if they were doing it for ME.  All the while, thinking, not gonna happen.

Well, flash forward, I came home and the house was spotless.  All cleaned, and looking sparkly.  He had gotten the message from me that they were ABLE to do better, and followed through.  I was so thrilled.  We were both tired and considered not going on our date, but at the last minute, threw caution to the wind, made sandwiches and picked up stuff for a picnic at the drive in and off we went.

We had an amazing time.  Bourne Legacy and Expendables II were awesome IF you like that kind of thing  and I do.  We laughed and talked and had a picnic and limped home at 1 am.  It was amazing.  He is such a good Husband.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Monster within...

Gather in tight ladies, huddle up, grab a chair, take a seat by the fire, belly up to the bar... You get the picture.  When I was a kid, we used to tell ghost stories and scare ourselves silly, never realizing that there a great monster lurking within every girl hiding under the covers with the flash light for special effects.

I'm not one for making excuses.  I try my best to own what's mine.  I may NOT like the consequences of my behavior, attitude, or mistakes, but I try very hard to take responsiblity for them.  (sounds good doesn't it?  Righteous even?  )

However, there is a snag, a glitch, a bump in the road, a "Houston, we have a problem" kinda situation that occurs.....  Every blasted MONTH.  Right as rain, right on time, lurking, waiting, never ending that causes some alter personality to surface that makes the


I try very hard, and have really tried this time because Michael has not felt well, and I did really, REALLY well till today.  Sweet Jesus in the morning, I could kill someone and get away with it today.  Ya know what I mean?  There is not enough....


To soothe the savage beast.  He parked in MY parking space.  My house is a wreck.  HE'S grouchy,  (okay, so yes, he has every right, the man had a root canal today).  I informed him HE was grouchy and then said... Ya know what the bad part is... SO AM I.  Tomorrow will be better..  I hate this time of the month.  Something overtakes me on the inside, and I can't even stand myself, let alone anyone else.  I know I'm being ill, I know I'm being unkind and I can't seem to stop myself no matter what and it's getting worse.  My emotions are all over the place, my nerves are shot, and I physically hurt all over along with running a fever.  I am exhausted and struggle with day to day things for the first three days.  Now, you all know WHY the Man is insisting on the Gyn appointment.  I don't WANT to be this way.
The Man he is kind.  He is loving, and I feel bad that I have been ill today.  I said I was sorry, only to find that he had succumb to the sleep he needs to heal.  Tomorrow is a new day...  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Submissive does NOT mean door mat...

Let me start this by saying...  The Man is Home!!! WooHoo.  He is sleeping peacefully by my side as we are having nap time...But I digress...

Yesterday, after driving like a crazy woman to the airport to get him so that I could get him to the dentist to take care of this tooth.  Well, let me preface that.  I got my feelings hurt by something he said, and commenced the silent treatment.  I had resolved NOT to cause a scene, so to me the only option left was the silent treatment.  Yeah, so I apologized, said I didn't handle it well, and explained why my feelings were hurt.  He held me said sorry, accepted my apology and off we went to the dentist.

Now, my understanding was, that they were going to FIX his tooth and therefore, put him out of his misery.  I had a very REAL vested interest in my Man not being in pain, as I can't stand it when he is hurting.  I dropped him off, stating to the receptionist, I will be back WHEN  you fix his tooth.  She looked a little nervous, and said, we'll call at which time, I explained to her, politely (no fit) but firmly that MY understanding was WHEN I made this appointment that they understood they needed to do something TODAY to alleviate his suffering and THAT is what I expected.  I smiled and left.

Well, apparently, I made an impression.  When Michael called me, I had barely sat down with my friend for lunch saying he would explain when he got there.  I said, "Babe, how are you getting here?  I'll be right there to pick you up."  To which he said, "No Worries Hon, the receptionist is bringing me to you."  Apparently the infection under his tooth was so great, that he needs another round of antibiotics before they can deal with said tooth.  Also, apparently the receptionist reminded Michael 3 times to explain to me there was nothing they could safely do today and if there was they would have gladly done it.

Flash forward.  I had an appointment with a personal trainer for an assessment.  I made the appointment for 4pm.  They scheduled it at 4:30.  The trainer was rude, they let me wait, and so, I walked out, only to find my husband had left.  So, after my GRAND exit, I walked back in and told them that if the big guy with a beard and cookie monster shirt came in looking for his wife, please tell him I was across the street.  Now, in days past, I would have thrown a fit at him for NOT being where I left him.  Yes, I was angry that they screwed up the appointment and then were rude to me.  Yes, I let them know that, but no, I didn't take it out on him.

Flash forward,  "Babe, I'm gonna take care of you."  Hence the slightly sore bottom and much more settled emotions and reconnection with my husband.  AND the warm fuzzy feeling that I don't have to be a door mat and still know he's the big guy...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stop the presses folks.. She's a WHAT?

OH........ MY........  GOD!!!!!  I can not, can't, remember the last time I have been so mortifyingly embarassed.  I mean, heart stopping, face flushed, heart pounding, color draining, feel sick, wanna throw up, pass out, change my name..  right, you get the idea.

So, I have a facebook account and so does the Man.  Sometimes it's the only communication that works.  The phones don't, the other programs on the computer don't.  I often find pictures that I like to send to him that tells him how much I love him, love our life, love what we are doing...  So, I found a couple this morning as he is on his way home, and I wanted him to know I was in the right frame of mind...  Wait for it...  YOU all know what is coming....

There is a really, REALLY cool button on Facebook...

It looks something like this.

It is used when you want to send a message PRIVATELY in a note form so that the person you are sending it to is the ONLY one who sees it, as opposed to simply posting it on HIS timeline which means all of YOUR friends and HIS can see it.  And can anyone guess where the message went that told him I was in the mood to be spanked properly?  Hmm..


Yeah, right there on his page.  And guess who "Liked" it?  Yeah, my life long friend.  I don't know which is more traumatic, that I did it or that my friend Liked it.  Now, all funning aside.  I was mortified.  I have professional relationships, my family, his family, his work mates, you get the idea.

I told him as soon as I could.  I deleted them immediately, but the damage could be done.  I don't know who was on line on his side of the page.  I am so embarassed and feel so bad.  It was careless and irresponsible.  Yes, I have more to lose as he simply said, "I'm not ashamed of what we do, and you don't have to answer to them."  Whereas, I agree, we live in the South, in the Bible belt where "Kink" and that is what it would be seen as is NOT acceptable out in the "Public".

I don't know what to say to my friend, if anything.  I just want to "pretend" it never happened.  Long and short, I am going to be spanked, not because he is upset, but because I am , and he understands that I feel so guilty that a careless mistake could have cost us so much.  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Maybe it's just me....

I try very hard to be fair.  I try to see things from other people's perspective.  I have struggled with TTWD.  I am a very strong minded, strong willed woman.  I have had to step out and take the lead and authority in my home, cause well I had kids to raise and I was the ONLY adult until The Man came along.  I am also a pleaser at heart.  I want to make my husband happy.  I am aware that I need to feel safe, loved, protected and sometimes that means from me.  I am a giver.  I give and give and give till I just don't have much left.  That being said...

As I have read other blogs, I have squirmed and thought to myself,  "I just couldn't live that way."  However, the women are happy in their homes, love their husbands and feel that the boundaries that have been set are what makes the marriage work for both of them and their family.  Therefore, who am I to say?  They likely wouldn't like our life, because it's well, OUR life.

On the flip side, I have read comments that break my heart to know that a woman is trapped in a relationship that is abusive and feels she has no way out.  Let me take this moment to say, THERE is a way out.  There are shelters everywhere, there are churches, there are organizations.  It is so very hard to step out (I know, been there, done that) but you can and if you have children, you must.

There are however some things that I believe to be FUNDAMENTAL to TTWD, respect, honesty, teamwork, RESPECT, mutual communication, love, trust,.. Oh yeah.. that last one is a BIGGIE.  All, and I mean all of the women whom I've had the joy to chat with and interact with, that are in a healthy relationship all share this thing, they are able to TALK to their mates, we discuss, we may not agree, but we are heard.

What sends me through the roof are women or men for that matter that treat this way of life like a game.  Women who continue to be deceitful, disrespectful, and take joy in doing just that.  Getting one over on their mate, hiding things, belittling in places they feel their mate won't see, like a website they don't know about.  For those of us who are working hard, and are committed to this way of life, this is insulting.  My opinion, and well it's my blog, is this, if you want to play games, fine, there is nothing wrong with that, but please do not insult those of us who are trying so very hard to remain committed to a decision that was jointly made with our mates to improve our marriage. 

Let me clarify, struggling with an issue, how to tell your mate is one thing.  I have things that I still struggle with, it's difficult for me to be honest about.  I'm not proud of it, they shame me and I feel guilty about it when I think to myself, "Does he REALLY need to know about that?"  That is different.  We garner great support from one another on the network.  The women there will be quick to say, "You gotta fess up."  I don't like being punished.  I don't like disappointing my HoH.  And I can't imagine how he would feel if he stumbled across an entry where I was making it obvious I had NO respect for him and was basicallly taunting his authority. 

There is no shame in not living this life, and if  you don't agree with it, and your spouse insists on it, It's a NO GO.  This must be a consensual relationship.  It works wonders in marriages that both feel is what their marriage needs.  It would be much more courageous, intelligent and respectful to tell your spouse/mate that you do not want to enter into this kind of way of life than to be manipulative and deceitful.  In ANY relationship, there must be basic respect and trust.  Without that foundation, in my humble opinion, you ain't got much goin' for ya.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Looking for an Artist...

I know this may be an odd request, but I have written a short story.  It's a childrens story.  First of all, I would like to see what you guys thing.  Where it can be improved.  Also, I need someone to illustrate it .  The book was written for someone very special.  It was written for my daughter.

I am going to put it here.  Please let me know what you think, and if you are an artist or know one who might be interested, please leave me a message.

The Fairie...

Once upon a time in the land of the faerie, there were two gifted with a most special faerie.  She was a most beautiful sprite.  Yes, she was fair of face but it was her inner beauty that made her shine.  All in the land of Faerie loved her, for her spirit was light and she shone with love and happiness and the deep thread of belief that the world was a good and wonderful place. 
Sprite could often be found flitting from place to place and all could hear her laugh tinkle through the air like the bells of angels.  It soon spread throughout the land of the Faerie that one had been born with the gift of making others feel light and goodness.  Others gathered around her just to feel their hearts lighten and warm their face in the light of goodness that went everywhere with her.
The Father of all Faerie looked upon Sprite and gifted her with the most beautiful wings in the land.  They were made of gossamer and shimmered in the sun with colors that were made just for Sprite.  Father Faerie looked on her with love and joy because of her love of life and all around her.
Sprite grew and was the joy of her mother and father.  Sprite’s mother knowing others loved her and basked in the glow of her love of life watched her grow with pride and joy, gifting Sprite with a special name.  She called Sprite her little Pixie.
There was one in the land who had hatred in his heart for all that was good and lovely.  Sprite had no knowledge of such evil.  One day, Evil stripped Sprite of her wings, leaving her unable to fly and robbed her of her laughter.  She no longer shimmered and darkness fell across her pixie spirit.  All of the color drained from Sprite and she became gray, a fae with no shimmer or light.  Her spirit lies in ashes and she hid from others.
Sprite begged the Faerie King to allow her to go into the Fade, a place where faerie go to rest and there is no feeling or color.  The Faerie King denied Sprite, telling her that her beauty was not gone nor her light.  Sprite pleaded and railed against the Faerie King.  Sprite could not see the Faerie King as he wept tears upon her grayness.  Yet, others began to see color around the edges of her.  The more the Faerie King wept, the more color crept into Sprite.
As time went on, Sprite longed to be Pixie again.  She longed to shine and love and fly through the trees and have her laughter tinkle like bells upon the wind.  Sprite dug through the gray, the ashes, finding pieces of her light, her love and goodness.  Yet try as she might, she could not put the pieces together.  The puzzle would not fit.  As Sprite wept bitter tears of longing, she cried out to the Faerie King.
The Faerie King, ever near to Sprite, came and sprinkled His eternal light upon the pieces of Sprite, forming them, molding them.  Sprite clapped her hands with glee as she was able to see her true colors again, bright and shining, only hers.  Yet, Sprite was amazed and humbled to see the Faerie King had given part of His Light to form and fashion the pieces.  Each piece was trimmed in stunning gold. 
At once, Sprite knelt before the King, her beauty shining trimmed in His light.  With love, and joy, the Faerie King waved his hands in an intricate pattern above Sprite, and she felt His warmth and love.  The Faerie King said, “Sprite, your mother’s pixie, what is your hearts deepest desire?”  Sprite, with tears shining, whispered, “My Lord that I could fly through the trees, shining with Your love and joy, letting all of Faerie see that You have rescued my colors, putting them aright again is my deepest desire.”  With that, color burst the sky and the stars shimmered, raining down their light upon Sprite.  The Faerie King whispered, “Fly, Sprite, pixie of your mother, FLY!”  With that, Sprite gasped as she spread the most beautiful wings touched by the Faerie King, fashioned by him and took to the air.  All in the land of Faerie were in awe at the wonder and beauty of Sprite’s new wings that were touched by the Faerie King.  Deep in the night, bells can be heard and joy rides the sky as Sprite has embraced the land of the Faerie.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ever longed to have something Witty to say?

I don't much care for emotions.  They are messy, often wrong, and very, very complicated.  I was raised to believe that your family came first no matter what.  We are a close family.  We are NOT perfect far from it.  But we are loyal, we love one another, we drive one another crazy, and I love them.

I am rambling, so if you want to exit now that is fine.  I don't think there is any guessing that I love The Man very much.  I adore my kids.  I can be aloof (because I am so tender hearted), I can be stand offish (because I feel betrayal very deep), I am reserved (because when I love it goes DEEP), I can be prickly (because I am afraid), and I would never intentionally hurt someone.  And sometimes, sometimes, I rant and rave and throw tantrums cause emotions can be contained for only so long before it gets unmanageable.

All that being said, I don't do forgiveness well.  It is a character flaw.  Well, at least for me.  I wish I could be more Christ like, more gracious, kind, and loving when having been wronged over and over but well, I'm not there yet.

It is no secret that my in laws despise me.  I won't go into the wheres and why fors.  Just suffice to say, it's just not pleasant.  I knew them before they were my in laws and I thought we had a wonderful relationship.  When The Man and I got married, I was thrilled, to think that I was going to have in laws whom I had a good relationship with.  I just knew in my heart that when the girls all got together and the subject of inlaws came up, I would be able to say... "I hate it for you girls, I have great ones."

They were were accepted into my home (before it was our home), they were guests in my parents home.  They were extended every courtesy, because I loved them.  His dad in particular.  I truly adored him.  I opened my heart to them because I am madly in love with their son, and just knew that was a GREAT thing to have in common and that we would merge our families, and it would be marvelous.  Afterall, there were children and all.

Needless to say, it didn't happen that way.  And The Man?  Well, he chose his family (us and the kids), when I never wanted there to have to be a choice.  I have never had anyone love me like he does.  He is my best friend.  He is good and decent and honorable, and kind.  He thinks I am amazing.  He is trying so very hard to be the HoH that I need, and he holds himself to a higher standard.  I hate there was ever a choice. 

This is the struggle, any time his parents are mentioned, I am terrified.  I am terrified of more upset.  I am terrified it will be a fight between The Man and I.  I am terrified that ANOTHER shoe is going to fall. I am terrified he is going to choose them over me.  I am terrified that something else will be twisted.  I am terrified of more betrayal.  And....  I feel the hurt and betrayal all over again, because I loved them.  There I said it.  I don't know how to get over it.  I don't know how to make My Sweetheart understand.  I don't know how to NOT long for in laws that can manage to tolerate me.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Let me be clear."

Ya know sunshine and roses.  Up till now, I haven't explained that I have a stubborn side.  Yeah, I have gotten spanked over my diet, smoking and my emotions getting away with me.  However, let me be clear.  I DO NOT LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO!!!

We have a set of rules and I try my best to follow them.  When I break them, I know the consequences, so it a strange way I am in control of whether or not I'm spanked, and when I am then it's over something I chose to do. (sounds good doesn't it)

However, there are occasions when The Man flat out TELLS me what I am to do complete with time line.  Isn't he nifty?  NOT. 


I have a phobia about going to the doctor.  I don't like going to the doctor.  I like my doctor, I just hate being poked and prodded.  I finally broke down and talked with The Man last night about the fact that since my gall bladder surgery, things have not felt okay in my abdominal cavity.  Like right at my diaphram.  You know how it feels when you have been sucker punched right there?  That is how it feels.  After exercise is worse.  So this is how it went.

The Man:  Call the Doctor.
Me:  Which doctor? 
The Man:  Start with the one who did your surgery and move to Dr. ____ if the first can't help you.
Me:  Do you think it's something serious?
The Man:  Why wouldn't you think that?
Me:  Don't be mad.
The Man:  Call the doctor.
Me:  I will do my best.  (Wait for it... wait for it)
The Man:  After a lengthy pause....  
Let me be very clear.  I don't care what kind of emergency, work, family VBS, you WILL call the doctor first thing Monday.
Me:  Not to be outdone....  I guess now would be a really bad time to stick me tongue out at you?

The Man:  Considering you have less than two weeks to wait for :

The Man:  I don't think it's in your best interest no.
Me:  Then I will just say Yes Sir.
The Man:  Good thinking.

Well, I hate it.  I mean he has removed any excuse up front (all my normal ones for NOT doing what was asked) My stubborn mind immediately said..  Well now, he's NOT gonna know if you don't call FIRST thing, you can wait till afternoon, you can NOT call on Monday, you can wait till Tuesday, you can call BEFORE they open and leave a message.  Pffft... I HATE being told what to do.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's been a Kick the Dog Kinda Day!!!

One might ask what causes this kind of day.  I don't normally vent.  I share, garner support, whatever..  Let me tell ya, it's been a bad damn day, and I'm grumpy, hateful, and I don't FEEL good.  There, I've said it.   I'm sick.  I hate being sick.  I am not a "Oh come wait on me, pamper me, I'm sick kinda person."  I'm a  "I would really like to rip your arm off and beat you with it if you talk to me or come near me when I'm sick" kinda person.  Just imagine how well that works in a household full of KIDS and DOGS.  Notice I didn't say anything about another adult?  Right. 

I do NOT begrudge The Man his job.  He loves it, it enables him to provide for his family in more than he could in ANY job where he stays home.  OHHHH did I mention that I thought the well was going dry today?  Yeah, my bonehead 16 year old didn't get the outside hose cut off completely.  Water pressure down.  He still has his head. (read I didn't pay for a plumber to come tell me this)

I was able to can 6 quarts of tomatoes tonight.  While canning my youngest came home with my daughter, and brought the dog into the fray.  Picture this, I'm running a fever, I'm canning, at a very sensitive point, the youngest is excited to be home (bless him) talking 50 miles a minute with EVERY sentence beginning with Mom, Mom, MOM and ending with ya know.  And the dog has the nerve to trip me.  At which point I say, exasperated...  "GET OUT FROM UNDER MY FEET, DOG!!!  I AM SOOOO NOT IN THE MOOD." 

My daughter comes to me and says (ya gotta love 'em, except when you want to kill 'em)  "Mom, you sound like an 18th century orphan, go to bed."  "You are sick, you don't feel good, and it's just ugly up in here."  And then, ... then... she hugged me.  My little guy says, "Mom what do you need me to do?  You need me to clean, I'm your man."  At supper, he volunteered he and his brother to pick my green beans so they don't ruin.    Yeah, they are really good kids.

I can't sleep cause I feel bad, and I Really, REALLY need to.  Ya see, Vacation Bible School starts Monday and all of the supplies need to be purchased tomorrow.  Oh.. guess who is the director?  Yep, that would be me.  Can we say, Glutton for punishment?  Oh hush!!!  I'm not the ONLY one that seems to think their plate is bigger than it actually is.....  Thanks guys for reading my ranting.  Somehow, it makes me feel better, and all I can say is Thank you JESUS the Man is not home right now.  I would have never made it without a red butt.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Something Fun

I love to cook.  I always have.  I love to entertain.  I don't know about other areas of the world, but here in the south, during family/church/social gatherings, everyone has a specialty.  A dish, that the gathering occurs it is expected that you bring it.  Is it a Southern thang?  I dunno.

And, it can vary depending on what time of the year it is.  For example,

Year round, my potato salad is expected at any family gathering.
In the winter time and fall, my black berry cobbler
In the summer time, my fresh fruit truffle is the ticket.

That being said.  I thought I would put the recipe for the truffle here.  I love finding and tweaking recipes and making them my own.  I love seeing what others like to make.  Perhaps we could compile a DD cook book, implements optional?....

So here goes.                                 FRESH BERRY TRUFFLE

This is not exactly mine, but it's close so you can get an idea what it could look like.


2 boxes of sugar free white chocolate pudding
2 containers 10 ounce of lite cool whip
2 pints of fresh blueberries
1-2 pints of strawberries
1 angel food (block one works better for cutting but either works) cut into one inch cubes


Make the pudding as directed with skim or low fat milk, but use ONLY 1 1/2 cups of milk so that would be 3 cups all together, let sit in fridge while you cut up the angel food in to cubes.

cut angel food cake into one inch cubes

A large bowl is needed.  Obviously if you have a clear bowl, it makes for a much prettier dessert.

Start by putting a layer of angel food cubes on the bottom, then a layer of blueberris (entire container plus some till the blue berries show on the side of the bowl

Then take out the pudding and fold in one and a half container of the cool whip.

put a layer of pudding

put a layer of strawberries sliced

Put a layer of cake

Put a layer of pudding

Finish up with cool whip and decorate with the rest of the berries

The awesome thing is, it is light, decadent, lucious and LOW fat, low sugar.

If you all have recipes that are your specialty, please share.