Sunday, July 8, 2012

Things that make you go Hmmmm...

It is simply the amazing, the information one can learn at 3am, 4 am or even 5am, when one has given up the appearance of trying to sleep and turning on the tv.
If the infomercials are any indication, Americans want to be free.  

They want to be fat free

This can be achieved by cleansing your colon (eww) while following the SENSA shaking on your food after participating in Your Body Type of taking the Insanity Challenge for 90 days Px.

They want to be Wrinkle free

This can be achieved by being Proactiv about the facial scrub that uses some kind of "melon"  that Cindy Crawford swears by not to be confused with the Mineral basics that Victoria Principal has been using for 15 years and looks 30 years younger.

They want to be hassel free (in the kitchen)

This is evidenced by the juicer, the gensi knifes, the slicer that talks to you, the convection oven that does EVERYTHING but wipe you nose, and the new set of baking pans that also double as jell-o molds..


They want to  have smart kids

This is evidenced by the hooked on phonics, better behavior, memory improvement, better grades in

in six weeks with these new vitamins, exercises, programs... blah, blah, blah.

Personally, I wonder if all these info-mercials aren't meant to attempt to assist folks with insomnia...  Ya know, BORED to sleep.  You too can ponder these things and many more!!!  Just join me in insomnia land from 3-6am.  Thank GOD, at 6, Law And Order comes on....


  1. Lmao at the convection oven that does everything but wipe your nose.

    It does get a bit ridiculous after a while--they can make it seem like draining noodles or cooking an egg is the most difficult thing ever--unless you get the thingy that strains them for you and practically irons your towels, and the non-stick pan that you can drive over with your car.

  2. Let us not forget the knife that slices a tomato after the aluminum can...

  3. Well, I'll just wait to buy the convection oven until it can wipe my nose while it does everything else!

    Ya know, I've always wondered why I would want to slice an aluminum can.

    Not only do people come up with these "bright" ideas, others are paid good money to come up with the ads to sell them, and there are actually people paying hard earned money to buy them! That's what makes me go hmmm...

    I have to say though that I did know an HoH who would have had an evil grin as he bought that darn heart shaped spatula and I'll bet there are a few others out there with the same idea. ;)

  4. Do you all remember that one infomercial product that helped rinse pasta? I can't recall what it was called but I remember at the time my mother INSISTED I needed it! I also remember telling her that the day I couldn't successfully rinse my own pasta was the day I probably should just throw in the towel.

    This is an amusing topic.

    ~ Doe

    1. Girl.. that is the truth. The day I need THAT kinda help in the kitchen, it's over....