Saturday, July 21, 2012

Night Sounds...

Yes, it is late at night.  I have had a full day.  I had the rare treat of snuggling with The Man this morning and going to lunch with him.  Our day has been filled with plans.  Plans for the house, plans for the yard, plans for his shop, plans for my  garden and plans for us.  He is one that I can dream with, hope with, share, and build a life with.

We found ourselves being gifted with LOTS of corn that had to be put up tonight.  So, he gathered our two young men and shucked the corn and then helped me cut if off the cob and can it.  (I love to can).  He kept me company while I worked out in the pool.  Throughout the day, there have been sighs, laughter, giggles, and fierce I love you's.

But now, right now, when all is done, everyone is sleeping, our home is quiet, and I have the joy of The Man laying beside me in our bed and softly snoring.  Telling me that he is here.  I am not alone.  I know that when I lay down, he will open his arms, even in his sleep and welcome me into the haven of safety I have come to crave when I lay in his arms.  He will pull me close, wrap his arms around me and I will be enveloped in a cacoon that only he can create for me.  I never sleep as well as when he is with me.  This quiet, loving, brilliant, forgetful, perplexing man whom I love.

Sleep on Sweet Giant.  How I love the sound of knowing you are home.

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  1. Awe - melted my heart. So happy you have your "Sweet Giant" sleeping next to you. Sweet dreams in your cocoon!