Sunday, June 24, 2012

So.. Yeah

Okay, Good Morning, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and it's Sunday.  Before TTWD, one of my favorite sayings was, "I would rather take a beating than....".  Yean, not so much anymore.  He does NOT beat me, but you get the humor.  I really don't want to go to church today. 

See, the folks that caused the issue with my kids are there.  The Man had made it clear that he will deal with this situation when he gets  home.  I was thrilled, relieved, had that, "My man is TEN feet tall feeling", and then it occurred to me.  That means that I am not to deal with it, fix it, enter into lengthy discussions, or attempt to resolve this issue. 

Yeah, I'm really excited about that.  That also means, if I'm not doing the above, I can't be sarcastic, caustic, or "put them in their place."  And since I'm writing this, I'm sure it has occurred to you THAT is just what I want to do.  Cause a stir, make them feel like my sons did, make SURE they understand what they've done.  Ya know, help out The Man.  I'm sure he could use my assistance with this.  I mean, he is so busy and all. 

Is anyone buying this?  At times like this, him being gone is tough.  It means this won't be dealt with for a while and I am okay with that.  However, in order for me to support his role and STAY in mine, it means not throwing that ugly, hateful, mean spirited, go for the throat fit that is being held hostage inside my heart.  On the brighter side, I have three weeks to figure out how to explain it to him if I fall off the wagon

Barring that, does anyone know how you extract a free pass?  A get out jail free card?  And can you use them if you get them AFTER you've committed the offense?


  1. Oh Dana, I find myself wondering if you decided to go to church or not and if you did, if you managed to behave yourself. This type of situation would be SO hard for me. There have been times when Michael has had to talk me down because I was ready to take action! There's something about it having to do with our kids that just brings out that mama bear in us, isn't there? I hope you manage to let him deal with it. Hang in there!

  2. Grace,

    I went to church. It was very hard. I kept myself together and did exactly what my Man requested. It has been a most difficult situation. Yes, where my kids are concerned, it's like take the gloves off!!! I feel better in that I have taken steps to completely remove my son from the situation and I know it's not going to happen again. The rest I can wait (I hope) for The Man to come home and address it.

  3. I'm glad you were able to go to church. I'm sure it helps that you've been able to remove your son from the situation to be sure it doesn't happen again. It will be hard to wait for your Man to deal with the rest, but I hope you're able to do so.